Felting Creations

On this page I would like to keep a record of the things that I make using felting techniques. I help out at workshops at SeaDrift Studio by my friend Jenny. I have learnt a little I know there is more to

Last week I helped at a Christmas themed Needle Felting Workshop

I made two things

I felted a holly decoration. 

I made an angle for our tiny Christmas tree. I was really pleased with how this turned out as I worked it all out on my own. 

Here we are all sat at the table. 

7th December 2018
Here is everything that was made. For some of the people attending it was their first time felting. 

I little while back I made another pot. The technique that was used was just a bit different. 

We put in resist discs this meant that the top layer could be cut away to reveal the inner layer. 

The inside. 

If you put something inside to contain the water you can display a plant or flowers in the pot. 

Here are all the pots that were made at the workshop they are all so different. 

Felt Covered Soap

This is just a normal bar of soap covered with wool fibres. You just use the soap through the felt. 

3rd October 2018
Here we all are in the garden enjoying our coffee in the sun. 

I made a flower with a different technique

The petals and cut and the flower is rolled in your hand. 

After the rolling it looked like this. 

These are all the makes from the workshop together. 

When I got home I let the flower dry then I added some beads to the front and a pin to the back. 

Felting Workshops have started again. 

We covered a balloon with felting wool It looked a bit like a dinosaur egg. 

20th September 2018
But it turned into a purse with the addition of a clasp. This was shown in place with invisible thread. 

This is what the inside looks like. 

Sometimes we make pictures. 

This is the first picture I made. 

This is the second one I made. 

I helped at my first workshop of the year and we made pots. The demonstration pot was made between me and Jenny but I chose the colours as I was allowed to take is home. 

You felt onto a disc. 

When you have enough layers you cut a hole in one side. Here you can see me working on the edges so they don't look so cut. 

Here are all the pots that were created at the workshop they are all very different. 

I made a small Santa. He is made completely from wool fibres.  

Back  13th December 2017

I made a scarf. 
24th November 2017

A penguin family made from a kit from Hobbycraft. 
11th October 2017

My first creation a snowman.


Alison59 said...

WOW fabulous makes Jackie :-)

Littlelamb said...

Love all the things you have made. Thank yo7 for showing us. I think someone is going to do felting classes at our local wool shop. I must find out more.