Faux Leather Art Journal Cover

I made this journal cover for a Design Team call along with all the photos and instructions and I thought it would make a good page for my blog.

Shopping List:-
A plain covered journal with plain pages
CE kraft card
Glycerine (available from Chemists or the baking section of the Supermarket)
Spray bottle
Distress ink pads or other water based inks
Bed of Roses A4 Embossing Folder
CutnDry Foam
A sealer like CE Inkessentials Glue and Seal
CE dries clear PVA
Card for matting and layering
Dies, stamps and ribbon for decoration

A pen or pencil to Express Yourself

This is the raw materials it is good to see where it all starts. 

Step 1. Cut the kraft card to slightly larger than you want for the finished project this depends on the size of the journal and how many mats and layers you want.
 Mix one part glyercine with six parts water in the spray bottle and give it a good shake.
Spray the mixture onto the kraft card and gently pat the liquid into the card. If you rub you can damage the surface of the card.

Step 2. Keep turning, spraying and patting the card until it becomes flexible like in the picture. 

Step 3. Scrunch the card up to create wrinkles and folds. 

Step 4. Unfold the card carefully. Spray again on both sides patting the liquid into the card. The glycerine holds the moisture in the card and makes it flexible.
Altogether you need to scrunch and spray the card two or three more times. It is up to you it depends on what look you are going for. 

Step 5. You will be left with a piece of card that looks like this.
Choose the side that you prefer and have it uppermost.
Use your choice of Distress inks or other water based inks to pat all over the surface

Step 6. Spritz  over the surface of the card to blend the ink. It is a good idea after the ink has blended  to pat everything dry with a paper towel to remove some of the excess moisture. 

Step 7. While the card is still damp emboss it and then leave it to dry. I used the CE A4 Bed of Roses embossing folder. 

Step 8. When the card is dry use Cutndry foam to apply more Distress Ink to the surface. I have included a before and after to show the difference. 

Step 9. The last step is to seal the card with something like CE Inkessentials  glue and seal (the glue that is used for Decoupage).
Then this needs to be left to dry fully. I made the card one day, left it over night and used it the next. 

Step 10. Now you can decorate your journal anyway you want to.  I chose to use mats and layers, die cuts and ribbon.  

Step 11. I thought it would be nice to add a holder for a pen or pencil. I used an off cut from the kraft card and folded it over and attached it to the inside of the cover. 

Step 12. You can use your journal however you want. I decided to try some different techniques. I tried paper grouting and I used this sheet to hide the tab for the pen holder. On the other page I used die cuts and stamps to decorate the page. But it really is up to you, you can Express Yourself however you want. 

The cover.

The reverse.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I do think that it is amazing that you can turn kraft card into this.

Happy Crafting

Hugs Jackie

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Laine said...

A stunning project Jackie, thank you for sharing.