Gift Bag Tutorial

I have been making there gift bags since I attended at workshop led by John Lockwood in June 2015. The bag is his design I have just tweaked it a bit.

I have given the measurements for a complete A4 sheet. Put it landscape on your scoring board on the centimetre side.  I use a Hougie board but other boards are available. You score at 2cm, 4cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm,  and 28cm.

Then you turn the card and score at 4cm. The diagram shows all the scoring lines. You can trim the top from the bag to change the height. 

Now you need to do some cutting. On the diagram I have put the word cut to the left of the line you need to cut. The cuts make it possible to fold up the base. 

I hope you can see how to fold this from the diagram I am not sure how to describe this. You need to create a valley between the back and the front. 

I tend to use red liner tape to stick the sides together to give a strong bond. You can see where I wrote the measurements on the back of the bag. 

This is what the bag looks like before the base is sorted out. 

To form the base I turn the flaps in first, this gives a better finish. 

You put wet glue on the flaps and fold over one of the tabs. You put wet glue one the back of this tab.

Finally you fold over the last tab. At this point I would stand the bag up and I would use something like a ruler to make sure all the tabs and flaps are stuck together. 

That  is the basic idea. I usually decorate the bags before I stick them together. The main difference between what John did and I do with these is how the ribbon is attached. John makes holes and threads the ribbon through. I made ribbon handles and attach them to the inside on the front and back with strong tape and I hide this with a strip of card. 

It is easy to make much bigger of smaller version of this bag. 

Tattered Lace Dinosaur

Tattered Lace Owl Tree

Tattered Lace Oscar Gown

Tattered Lace Flower Pot Shelf

I have made lots of these bags they are very useful and are easy to decorate. 

Happy Crafting

Hugs Jackie


Unknown said...

Great tutorial Jackie will defiantly be having a go. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs Jennifer

ALI said...

Thanks Jackie, will be trying this one.

Jenny L said...

Hi Jackie,
thank you so much for the great tutorial on the bag.
Your different ones are brilliant.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.