Pop-Up Box Tutorial

Hi my Crafty blog friends

I have been asked a few times for the measurements for the box cards I have been making. I have put together a tutorial with all the measurements for an A4 and an A3 sheet I do hope this helps.

I started with an A3 sheet and my Hougie Scoring board (other boards are available. You need the whole length of the A3 sheet and this scores into 10 cm lengths for the sides. 

I decided that my flaps would be 10 cm by 10 cm  but I wanted the bottom panel a little longer at
 11 cm by 10 cm. Adding 10cm to 11cm gave me a width of 21 cm so I cut my card to this size. Don't get rid of the off-cut you will need it later.

On my board I scored at 10 cm and 20 cm. I have put black on my score lines you don't need to do this it is just to make them show in the photos.

To score the rest of the card I folded it at the 20 cm score line and I butted the fold up to the edge of the board and scored again at 10 cm and 20 cm. There is a tab left at the end this is important you need it don't cut it off. 

I put the sheet back on my board longways with the tab at the bottom. Then I scored three of the panels at 10 cm. I don't score one of the panels so it stays upright and forms a backdrop to the card. If you don't want this effect you can score it and it will flop down like the others.

The paper was turned round and the tab was scored at 11 cm. 

You need to cut down between the flaps 
to the central score line.

You need to cut the top of the tab off as shown in the photo,

Fold all the score lines and the card starts to form like this.

This is the card stuck together. I do find it easier to decorate the boxes before I stick them together. 

Remember the card you trimmed off right at the beginning  you need this to make the slats that go across the box to hold the decorations. I cut a piece of card to 14 cm and I scored it at 2 cm and
 12 cm.

This was fine to cut into three strips and they are folded like this.

Here is a photo of one of the slats in place I would use three in a card made from an A3 sheet and two on a card mad from an A4 sheet. 

These are the measurements for an A3 sheet. You can make the bottom panels any length you want the length they are determines how much you cut off the sheet at the beginning.

These are the measurements for an A4 sheet.

These cards can be decorated however you like. Here are some I have made.  

Made from an A4 sheet (the first one I ever made)

Made from an A4 sheet

Made from an A3 sheet

Made from an A3 sheet

Made from an A4 sheet

Made from an A3 sheet

My cousin's birthday card

My husband's Valentine's Day card. Made January 2021

Made with the John Next Door Limited Edition Mandala kit January 2021

An anniversary card for good friends. 

A birthday card made for Sam. 

Hannah's 30th Birthday card. 

Ian's 70th Birthday Card

Made for the One Day Special on Create and Craft on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st March. I used the Cosmo Flowers and Leaves as well as the Regal Alphabet and Numbers and the Double Flag dies. 

The cards will fold flat. It is a good idea to make sure  that when folded the decorations don't come further out from the card than you want, it effects the size of envelope you will need. 

Happy Crafting

Hugs Jackie


Anonymous said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou I have been searching and searching for a tutorial for a larger pop up box and this was so simple, my first try was so fast and turned out very well, now to make a proper one on my decent card stock


Mrs.D said...

Fabulous, makes real sense. Now I have to start making an anniversary card for my sister.

Jenny L said...

Hi Jackie,
thank you so much for this wonderful tutuorial.
It is so easy to follow and I was thinking of making one as I haven't made one of these for ages and forgot the measurements.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.