Kusudama Flower Table Decoration Instructions

Here is a step by step to help you recreate the Kusudama flower table decoration  I created it to show our daughter  something we could make for her wedding which is scheduled for next year.

These flowers are very flexible and you can do lots with them. I was very lucky and I was given the gift of a set to make a Kusudama flower ball. The papers I used are 6" x 6" origami papers. The papers are double sided and this makes a nice contrast in the middle of the flower. As long as you start with a square you can make the flowers any size you want. 

This shows the two sides of the paper. 

You fold the paper in half and the colour on the outside will be the main colour of the flower. 

Take the left hand point and fold it to the top. 

Do the same on the other side. 

Open out one of the side flaps.

Then fold it down to form this shape. 

Repeat on the other side until you are left with this. 

Then fold back the point of the left hand kite shape. This makes the contrast in the centre of the flower..

Do the same on the other side. 

Then fold over the side panels to hide the colour. 

This is the shape you are left with before you start sticking. 

Put the glue on one of the sides. I used some Cosmic Shimmer  dries clear glue it has a fast grab which is ideal for this type of project. 

Hold the petal like this until it is stuck. 

This is a finished petal. The flowers I have been making use 5 but you could use 6. 

Here are my five petals ready to make the flower. 

This is where you put the glue to stick the petals together. Don't use too much glue as the petals don't puff out correctly. I know I made this mistake. 

Line up two of the petals along the glue.

Move round the rest of the flower adding one petal at a time. 

To add the last petal put the glue on both sides. 

Here is a finished flower. 

I added a centre to the flower. I used Babies Breath with Bead from Hobbycraft. 

You need six flowers to make half a ball and all of the top of a table decoration. 

You put the glue at the top of two adjacent petals. 

Then you hold two petals from another flower until the glue has dried. This is why I use the Cosmic Shimmer glue you don;t need to hold it for too long. 

You keep going round in a circle until it all joins up. There are five flowers in the circle. 

You need one more flower for the top. You put glue on the tip of each flower. 

It slots in the top and it joins with two other joined petals so there are three joined together. 

This was much easier to make than I first thought. I just used a drinking glass at the bottom and there is a battery tea light inside. If my daughter decides to go with this design the colours and bottom glass will all change bur this is a good start. 

Here is what we have come up with so far. 


SumBunneh said...

So beautiful!!

Donna Walls said...

These are so beautiful, thanks for joining the challenge at Penny's and hope to see you again soon. Donna - DT Member

Mary said...

Thank you for showing me in an easy way to make this flower these flowers are so beautiful.